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14.01.15 03:20


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14.01.15 05:02

not registered

Re: Leave your message here


22.07.15 00:00

not registered Torrenting so he was.

Found that particular IP; (:39039) torrenting Rome 2 Total War. HE/she they were using uTorrent 3.4.3, i dunno maybe this might help. they might be a vulnerability in that version, or you can use this as incriminating evidence but i doubt it has he/she/they are based in Chile. The torrent was 3DMGAME, japanese or chinese i think. Also that particular IP address had a very slow connection speed, within the 0.1 kb/s up and down, yes kegabits, very slow.

Hope it helps, probably won't but might help you profile, or it might just be an absolute waste of your time and server space probz very little space but space none the less. Hope it does help though, :D thanks.

22.11.15 06:24
leaving header here

not registered

Re: Leave your message here

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Sat, 21 Nov 2015 19:21:00 -0800
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03.12.16 22:36
Re: Leave your message here

i think there is ethical hacker and hacker who is bad,
Bad hackers can be losers whose parents failed to make them useful persons. So they harm other people and waste their time, usually for their own profit/benefits/ego increase.

08.09.17 21:52

not registered

Re: need security of anti services corspondant my credit score went from623 too 433 over this trace

I have a distinctive issue with my new art gophone it is a vipet fox, I turned in some where in the phone turned gig of phone from 8 to 4 almost five gigs cannremember how to set it back to 8g it is an alacaltel phone could you give me setting it is not in storage section this is not as easy as it gets, either email if you could find this for me, not use your service much this is robertmarcum200@yahoo or babybear70@ MSN messenger Microsoft 2828 programer

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